Wednesday, September 19, 2007

it keeps coming

September is here, and half over. Another start to a school year that I'm not part of. I wonder when I'll stop viewing the calendar like this. Maybe I won't. Sometimes I wish I could curl up under a school desk forever.

Weeks are flying. I spent one weekend picnicking in Battery Park, rolling around on grassy hills and sneaking into sprawling, abandoned houses on Governors Island, half-drunk. Every Saturday and Sunday morning we hunt down brunch, then pass afternoons wandering neighborhoods to window-shop and people-watch. There are movie nights, music nights, study nights, and one spent drinking cheap wine, watching too many episodes of "What's Happening!!" and learning about "Yacht Rock." Labor Day brought a windy beach picnic, swimming in the Atlantic for the first time, and confirming a preference for fresh water over salt water. Chopped my hair shorter than ever, bought a new camera, said farewell to a friend bound for Spain, explored Prospect Park, stayed up half the night for Dan Deacon and Girl Talk, and shoved my way through overcrowded booths at the Brooklyn Book Festival only to let timidity overcome. This Saturday, Brian leaves for a two-week vacation to Portland and Tulsa. I'm always envious of escape.

Today, i'm 700 miles away while my sister brings another boy into the world. Until Christmas, he'll be someone I only know through photos and phone calls.