Monday, April 28, 2008

this is the day

I like noticing when people stop, mid-thought and mid-step, to change direction. The precise moment when priorities or desires shift. I always wonder about the one that's winning.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

walking the cow

A few weeks ago I had grand aspirations and plans for this month. But none of those will probably happen, partly because I spent this whole week writhing in bed due to the whims of some mysterious stomach demon, and partly because my ambitions usually get the best of me. Uplifting, I know. But I will write more! And read more! Pictured above is my to-read and to-finish list for this month, but, you know... ambitions.

In other, irrelevant news, today I am lusting for the very epic picnics that spring and summer will bring. Special thanks to our (well, Brian's) new wine/dishwear/utensil/cheeseboard-toting picnic backpack. Oh the alfresco adventures we will have.