Thursday, July 17, 2008

17 dreams for you

Hi, I made you a mix.

yes, have some.

My first boyfriend, Joe, gave me the very first mix I ever received. It was in his GMC Safari, right after he--very prematurely--told me he loved me. At the time, I remember feeling embarrassed that someone would even conceive of compiling a mess of songs with solely me in mind. I eventually got over that, and then I tried to get over joe by tossing the mix after he dumped me (for the second time). After that, I handed over my only copy of his band's album to my next boyfriend, who was none the wiser about its origin.

For whatever reason, I seem to keep a firm hold on things that I'll never use or look at again, but all the artifacts I actually want to resurface are now unrecoverable.

Anyway, enjoy.


Shawn Mitchell said...

I suspect your muxtape is better done than mine. I can never help but be ham-handed.

Shawn Mitchell said...

ps this is really good.