Sunday, August 24, 2008

what you need is an imitation of home

I've spent the last three days cranking the dehumidifier and sucking spiders into the vacuum cleaner. New England humidity is different from Michigan humidity and New York humidity, and I still can't really put my finger on the exact difference. Living in a basement complicates things, too. On Thursday I came back from a two-week stint in the Midwest to spiders chilling in every corner and white mold on a pair of my shoes. The air in my apartment was like breathing carpet. There are so many spiders continuing to surface here that I'm starting to feel like I'm the intruder. But I guess this will make me tougher as I adjust to my wood-paneled, astro-turfed basement home.

Someone sent me this video the other day, mistaking me for another person. Somehow I think it's better--and funnier--coming from a stranger.


Shawn Mitchell said...

In the tribe of Mic-O-Say, my name was Little Silver Iron Spider. I apologize for invading your room.

Shawn Mitchell said...

Shaman Little Silver Iron Spider.