Thursday, October 16, 2008

having a coke with you

I read some poems in front of people last night. I haven't done that in a very long time. The sequence revolved heavily around Catholicism and outer space, which wasn't entirely planned, but I guess that's the way it happens sometimes.

There's nothing quite like sharing work with a room of people you admire and having it turn out that they might admire you a little, too. I'm trying to learn how to handle that.

In other news, here's Frank O'Hara:


appleoftheearth said...

I love his voice
and when the zooms-in towards the end of the poem.

I wish I could have seen you read! We need to get into the same city again and hang out. I don't know how we keep missing out.

Shawn Mitchell said...

Coke has a lot of calories in it. Would've preferred a Diet Coke.

Also wish I could've seen you read. I went to a Brooklyn College poetry mfa students' reading, but did not read anything during the open mic.

anne holmes said...

thanks guys.


i agree. what's up with our same-city missed connection? ridiculous. i hope that it will happen at some point.


the lady commenter above is in the BC poetry program. i wonder if you ran into each other?

Emily said...

Hi Anne! I found you through Shawn. And the first post is titled after one of my favorite poems ever. He's right though—Frank should have considered Diet Coke. I hear girls like aspertame. I know I do.