Monday, December 29, 2008


Hello, Michigan.

I used to eat at Mr. Taco in high school, and I don't think any of us really examined the logo until later. Seems like the most crass eating establishments withstand economic crisis here. Except for Denny's, which was shut down for running a meth lab in the basement. Also, now you can walk into a shop that only sells old hotel decor. I haven't been in yet. It used to be a Goodwill. Before that, a pool hall. Before that, a Video-To-Rent.


A.A. Dowd said...

Mr. Taco! OMG. Blast from the past. Brendan Frasier style. God, that food sucked. In the best way possible.

You know what DIDN'T survive economic hardship? Hot N' Now. Tragedy. Nothing like wolfing down four 39 cent cheeseburgers. Or did that price go up in 1997? If it did, I don't wanna know. I wanna remember Hot N' Now exactly as it was: perfect and hobo cheap.

Shawn Mitchell said...

ghhhhhhh miss you too.