Wednesday, April 1, 2009

the radiant bubble that she was

Have all the barbers lived in vain
That not one curl in nature has survived?
Why, without pity on these studious ghosts,
Do you come dripping in your hair from sleep?

-from "Le Monocle De Mon Oncle," Wallace Stevens

Spring is starting to creep in. I feel like leapfrogging and humming loudly and carving my initials in everyone's trees, all at the same time.


Gale said...

G.T. <3 A.H.


appleoftheearth said...

ignore my jamay/nonsense - haha that was meant for someone else!

but I still like the Stevens poem.

Shawn Mitchell said...

"It's sunny and seventy-five, it feels so good to be alive."

It's actually rainy here, but whatever. It's still spring. I could probably mail you that playlist instead of you going through the hassle of getting it.