Friday, February 1, 2008

another february

Holidays here and gone. Hopped on and off 5 planes to and from Michigan, where I spent seven full days mostly huddled in my parents' suburban nest, eating, laughing, playing board games and card games and arguing, as always. I met two new nephews, reconnected with old friends in crowded bars and basements and living rooms, drove Brian from the bus station to the house I grew up in and watched eagerly, nervously as the new world collided (or meshed, I hope) with the old. Made me wonder where I stand in all this, hovering in some "home"-shaped purgatory, New York vs. Michigan. I think I might always linger somewhere in between where I live and where I came from, and I think I'm okay with that.

Came back to an empty apartment and a new record player, appropriately christened in a ceremony involving Thriller, the soundtrack to 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Brooklyn Lager. Rang in the new year with cajun food, a crowded party with poor dj stylings, and then Les Savy Fav, the perfect ending. Got a promotion and an unexpected raise (sweet, sweet justice), finished remaining applications, and caught a cold just in time for an orchestra audition I had to cancel. February will bring long-overdue visitors, desperately needed tax returns, housewarming and farewell and birthday parties. As for this weekend? A bowling excursion to Sunset Park and a Superbowl feast lacking any trace of Superbowl coverage. In March, I'll be on a train through the Adirondacks to Montreal, a trip I've been fantasizing about for years.

In the midst of everything, I'm anxious for spring and to fill empty, misused spaces with something meaningful--whatever that may be. I look forward to finding out.


Chomp Chomp said...

Oh annie, I'm way bummed I missed you when you were up here. I feel like I need a lamp to sit under for a couple hours a day to ease my Seasonal Anne Disorder. Except it wouldn't be a lamp lamp, it would be a lamp that punched me in my kidney and then made me laugh so hard that I peed blood from aforementioned kidney punch. Lets visit sometime, glad to hear about the MJ and football-lessness. As for me, I'm going to go record some music instead of going superbowling tomorrow/today.

traffic jam said...

wish i could have seen you too, j-face. i'm happy to be that seasonal punch to the kidney. your kidney, specifically. let's chat soon?

appleoftheearth said...

that looks like a perfect room to be in. any word back from schools? did you end up applying to BC?

traffic jam said...

hi kelly! i did end up applying to BC. and today i got an acceptance call from umass-amherst, which is super exciting and pretty unexpected. i'll keep you posted! in the meantime, i think it's time for us to hang out. for real.

A. Dowd said...

University of Massachusetts, please
and here's the last five