Wednesday, January 2, 2008

holiday freeze

Once I'm settled again, once lingering applications are in, and once I have returned to a whole, happy person, I will recount events and maybe write here more than once a month. In the meantime, please keep on keepin' on.


Shawn Mitchell said...

it's not cold enough for a freeze.

Chomp Chomp said...

yeah, that's how I feel.
I have to do a bunch of back-learning on linguistics crap my professors want me to know for some of the classes I'm taking, and until I learn it I'm more or less out of communication. Except this, of course?

In any case , you keep doing that, too.

A. Dowd said...

Holiday's over, lady. Time to come in from the cold, crack those knuckles, and give off another fleeting glimpse into your jetset life.