Saturday, May 23, 2009


School's out. Weather's warm. Mostly I've been sitting around feeling so energetic that I can't decide what I should be doing, so I do little except the sitting around feeling excited part. But other than that, I've taken lots of car rides (which usually lead me somewhere where I end up spending money). I find myself singing louder and more frequently. I played a couple sweet shows with the Cinnamon Urns (pictured above). There's been a late-night, whiskey-doused swim in a creek. Just a couple hours ago, margaritas. More of most of these things, plus others, to come. Right now my brain is in turbo hyperactive mode, so I haven't been able to focus on things like reading or writing much yet. Soon, I hope?

These are exciting times. How about some upcoming adventures?:

Next Wednesday/Thursday: The Berkshires with Matt!
Next Sunday-Tuesday: Camping in the Catskills with Ivy and Alicia!
June 3-9: Michigan!
June 18-August 17: Teaching creative writing at summer camp!

Maybe the only way to truly explain how I feel is to show you this scene from Always Fair Weather. You can ignore the parts of the song about being smitten with a woman, and instead extract the general excitedness. On rollerskates.


alicia rae said...

You, and Gene Kelly, are amazing! I can't wait to camp with you and partake in the bursti-ness! :)

Kristen said...

I love the French subtitles...and how they had trouble coming up with ways to translate Gene Kelly's love for himself.

We should really dance in the street more often around here.