Thursday, June 4, 2009

fishes & campfires

The inaugural issue of Jellyfish Magazine is up and running! I've got two poems in there, along with these fine, sturdy friends and animals: Zach Savich, Ari Feld, Caroline Cabrera, Lily Ladewig, Mike Young, Philip Muller, Adam Cogbill, Kimberly Abruzzo, David Bartone, Shannon Luders-Manuel, Christopher Cheney, Stokely Klasovsky, Miranda Dennis, Jeff Downey, and Jared Sinclair.

Thanks to Gale Thompson, the love of my life, for putting this fresh creation together.

In other news, I'm on vacation #3 of this summer vacation: the Michigan one. All vacation parts have thus far been pretty sweet. For now, I leave you with this:


alicia rae said...

Congrats on Jellyfish! Yay! Woot!
Also, I miss you.

appleoftheearth said...

Anne! Wow! Those two poems are fantastic!! esp. "Pocket Map". Even the title has me feeling giddy.

& I like your tent!

Shawn Mitchell said...

jellyfish! yar! congrats!